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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are Mere Bathrooms

    Mere Bathrooms is a major UK based distributor, providing a full range of own brand and independently branded bathroom products to the retail and merchant business sector.

    The Mere business model is based around holding high levels of stock, outstanding customer care and a fast, efficient delivery service.

  2. Who do i notify if I spot an issue with your website?

    Our site runs smoothly 99% of the time, however if you spot any problems/errors please let our team know at 

    Please include a link if possible.

  3. How do I know what my water pressure is?

    It is advisable to work out the water pressure in your home before buying a tap in order to ensure you choose a tap that will operate to it’s full potential.  Each house is different and has its own water pressure system, water pressure is measured in ‘bar’ and in general terms anything 0.3 bar or below requires a low water pressure tap and anything at 1.0 bar or above requires a high-water pressure tap.

    A Low-Water Pressure System normally features the following:

    • Gravity System (Regular Boiler)
    • Cold water tank usually in the loft
    • Hot water cylinder usually in an airing cupboard
    • Commonly, the water pressure upstairs will be 0.2 bar or less whilst on the ground floor there is a possibility the water pressure could be 0.5 bar.

    A High-Water Pressure System normally features the following:

    • Combination Boiler (Combi Boiler)
    • Generally installed in the kitchen or near where the cold water main enters your home
    • Water pressure will typically be between 1-2 bar
  4. What is the difference between a standard and premium bath?

    The Tissino range of premium baths have an extra layer of resin which not only make the baths stronger but also means that the water stays warmer for longer.

  5. Can I replace my radiator with a towel rail?

    The short answer to this is Yes. 

    When replacing a standard radiator with a heated towel rail/radiator it is important to consider what size you need.  Specify too small a towel rail and you’ll find it isn’t producing enough heat to adequately warm your bathroom.

  6. What does the term 'back to wall' toilet mean?

    As the name suggests when using a back to wall toilet your back is normally to the wall rather than a cistern.  Back to wall toilets are a fantastic solution to maximise space in a bathroom and also add a modern/contemporary look.  The cistern is hidden either within a toilet unit or behind a stud wall.

    For a really modern and contemporary look you can opt for a wall hung back to wall toilet.

  7. Can I store the items I am interested in?

    If your not quite ready to complete your purchase, you can use our handy Wishlist function.

    Simply add the items you are interested in to your wishlist using the option below the 'add to cart' button on the product page.  You can then email the wishlist or save it in your account for future use.

  8. Can I compare the items I am interested in?

    If you wish to compare products, we have a handy comparison tool

    Simply add the items you are interested in to your comparison list using the option below the 'add to cart' button on the product page. 

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