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Dukkaboard is the perfect solution to all wetroom projects and the range includes everything you need to create a wetroom space from pre-formed shower trays, wall boards, adhesive, waterproofing kit and fixing washers.

Dukkaboard wall & floor boards should be used in preference to plasterboard or chipboard due to its water and rot proof properties and gives the best possible backing for tiles, glass and stone.

Dukkaboard is manufactured from high density extruded polystyrene which has been coated with fibre reinforced cement resulting in strong and rigid panels.

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  1. Dukkaboard Wetroom Tray
    Dukkaboard Preformed Wetroom Shower Tray From
    As low as £571.66 £476.38
  2. Dukkaboard for Wall/Floor
    Dukkaboard Wetroom Panel for Wall/Floor From
    As low as £38.10 £31.75
  3. Waterproofing Kit
    Dukkaboard Wetroom Waterproofing Kit
    £207.04 £172.53
  4. Fixing Washers
    Dukkaboard Fixing Washers
    £34.00 £28.33
  5. Waterproof Adhesive
    Dukkaboard Waterproof Adhesive
    £18.54 £15.45

5 Items

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